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    Rivian R1T / R1S RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders by Team 1EV

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        • Running Boards Triple Square Tread - In Stock!
        • Running Boards Triple Slot Tread - In Stock!
        • Rock Sliders Triple Square Tread - In Stock!
        • Rock Sliders Triple Slot Tread - In Stock!


        • Running Boards Triple Square Tread - In Stock!
        • Running Boards Triple Slot Tread - In Stock!
        • Rock Sliders Triple Square Tread - In Stock!
        • Rock Sliders Triple Slot Tread - In Stock!


      Visit our Learning Center Blog, for an in-depth explanation of Rivian R1T R1S Running Boards and Rock Sliders and what the differences are - Click HERE 

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      Proudly Made in the USA 🇺🇸

      Team 1EV has engineered an innovative precision fit bolt-on running board with optional rock slider for the Rivian R1T and R1S.  With a strong emphasis on balancing proper design language, function, fitment, and quality for the Rivian application, the RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders bring the convenience of a running board together with the optional protection of a properly engineered armored slider in a design that fits right and looks fantastic on the Rivian R1T and R1S.   Our goal was to make the boards look like they came from the factory.  True to this goal, we didn't add any giant brand logos or out-of-style design features.  The moderate face design looks right at home on the Rivian and provides sufficient grip.  The boards are tucked in properly, meshing visually with the natural truck lines, and the optional rock slide armor integrates properly and DIRECTLY with the actual Rivian frame structure rail on the top side and running board on the outside edge with proper heavy-duty triangulations to the board. 

       RMaxx Engineering and Coating

      The R1T weighs almost 7200lbs, and has a GVWR of just over 8,500 - we have engineered to this spec!  Our slider is positioned properly, directly under the Rivian frame rail, NOT cantilevered out with brackets - go slide over all the rocks you like, we're ready for you!  Team 1EV sliders are functional, not just for looks.  Attention to detail is paramount!  

      Rivian Rock Slider Protection Example
      Protect the High-Center Damage Prone Mid-Section

      Below is an under side view, comparing RMaxx Running Boards to RMaxx Running Boards with Rock Slider Armor.  For an in-depth explanation of Rivian R1T R1S Running Boards and Rock Sliders and what the differences are and which is right for you, visit our learning center - click HERE

      👇🏻Rivian RMaxx Running Board Under Side 
      Rivian R1T R1S RMaxx Running Boards
      👇🏻 Rivian RMaxx Running Board with Rock Slider Armor Under Side
      RMaxx Rock Sliders Rivian R1T R1S


      Our fitment is bolt-on, by design.  We don't like cutting, drilling, or modifying the base vehicle frame structure.  We also thought forward on jack points and we've got you covered, with additional jack functionality added.      

      Material specifications are equally suited for the street, overlanding or Moab, take your pick, you're covered.   Running boards start with CNC-bent 1.75" OD alloy steel tubing with laser cut welded frame bracketry and steel plate step surface plates.   We finish all surfaces with a rugged textured black powder coating.   Running boards are rated for 1000lbs load.  Sliders are engineered for full confidence, starting with heavy wall 2" square tubing bolstered by several direct frame attachment points and triangulations.

      Installation is straight forward, bolt-on design and DIY friendly.  No extra parts or specialty tools are required.   No permanent modifications to the truck frame structure are required.    

       Team 1EV is proud to make the RMaxx Running Board & Rock Sliders in the USA 🇺🇸 

      Rivian R1T R1S RMaxx Running Board Assemblies with Triple Square and Slot Tread Designs 
          • What is a Running Board?As named, this product provides a 'step' that runs the length of the cab
          • Aerodynamic optimized designed, stays “inside” the outer tire aero surface, minimizing range impact
          • Welded and gusseted bracketsfor strength - RMaxx Running Boards are rated for +1000lbs loads!
          • No reduction in ground clearance – Carefully engineered to provide a proper step at the right height
          • Easy DIY installationwith no drilling or permanent modifications required
          • Bolt on to factory Rivian mounting points, no drilling or modifying the frame structure!
          • Compatible with Jack Pucks!Brackets are clearanced to allow use of Team 1EV jack pucks
          • Offered in two modest but stylish tread design designs(tread plates bolt-on, can be changed!)
          • Proudly Made in the USA 🇺🇸and finished in electrostatic textured black powder coating - with OEM-grade zinc coating for maximum corrosion protection
          • Includes all necessary installation hardware, installation instructions by video
          • Allows for optional re-installation of Rivian underside plastic covers(requires minor cover trimming)
      RMaxx Running Boards with Integrated Rock Slider Armor for Rivian R1T / R1S

          • What is a Running Board with Rock Slider Armor?The combination is welded together as one unit for maximum strength.  Result: all the benefits of a running board, plus the addition of a structural protective frame member providing the ultimate Rivian underside safeguarding
          • Extensive Frame Fastener Points, Extra Welded and Gusseted brackets for the ultimate strength - RMaxx Rock Sliders are rated for 1760lb+ loads! Yes, you could place 100% of the Rivian Rated Load on your slider, and the slider won't flinch!
          • Aerodynamic optimized designed, stays “inside” the outer tire aero surface, minimizing range impact and , angling and capping the leading edge of slider for aero efficiency and smooth slider engagement
          • The slider armor is a structural steel rail positioned with the slider bottom edge about one inch lower than the Rivian underside belly. The bottom edge positioning provides underbody protection clearance– When traveling over obstacles or hazards you want to impact the slider (safe) - not the Rivian underside (not safe)!
          • The RMaxx Slider is fully plateweldedto the running board and further fortified with gussets at each bolt center, ready for heavy weight Rivians.  Sliders include a bolt-on armor steel plate to fully replace all underbody outer plastic panels - no cutting or modifications required.  All plating and bracket design has been optimized for aerodynamic efficiency.  
          • Attaches directly to Rivian frame structure, with factory attachment points and direct-to-framecontact –no drilling or cutting or permanent Rivian frame modification required!
          • Team 1EV Sliders are engineered structural components, perfectly acceptable for jacking directly on the slider (jack pucks are still compatible, but not required. Both the Sliders and Jack puck points can be used for jack stands if desired). Rivian can be jacked from the Slider center point on the vehicle side center, effectively lifting the entire side of the Rivian with one jack.

      RMaxx Rock Sliders V2

      • Are these made in the USA? - YES
      • Are these compatible with Rivian RUS (Underside Production Option) - YES
      • Can I still use Jack Pucks with these? - YES, all factory jack puck locations remain accessible
      • Can I jack up my Rivian on these? - The 'Slider' version can be jacked directly on.  You can jack up the Rivian in the middle of the truck, on the slider, if you like.   We do not recommend jacking directly on the 'Running Board Only' version - the factory jack puck locations are still accessible.
      • Do these cause noise or whistling?  - NO
      • Will these impact my range?  - Technically, sure.  How much, not enough to worry about.  We made various design features to optimize the aero and remain least disruptive to the range.
      • Can I get the Running Board version now, and add the Slider option later?  - NO, the Slider version is welded together with the Running Board and is an entirely different product.  
      • Can I jump up and down on these without issue or concern? - ABSOLUTELY!
      • Do I need to remove any factory frame, battery, RUS fasteners - NO!  We only use the correct Rivian fastener bosses.
      • Can I install the Rock Sliders on my own?  - YES!  In fact, the Rock Sliders are easier to install than the Running Boards! Watch this video: 




      • 2022+ Rivian R1T
      • 2022+ Rivian R1S
        • Note: R1T and R1S versions are different and unique.  R1S is shorter than R1T and uses slightly different brackets.  
      • Fully compatible with Rivian "RUS" Reinforced Underbody Protection
      • Bolts directly to Rivian frame structure (under outer plastic covers).  Outer plastic covers must be removed to install running boards or sliders.  Covers can be left off, or trimmed around running board brackets to be re-used with running boards.  Covers will not be re-used with sliders.


      • RMaxx Running Boards
        • Complete Set of 2 with Hardware 
          • R1T: 41lbs per side
          • R1S: 34lbs per side
      • RMaxx Running Boards with Integrated Rock Slider Armor 
        • R1T: 106lbs per side
        • R1S: 88lbs per side
        • Complete Set of 2 with Hardware

      Tread Plate Options:

      The tread plate on RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders is a bolt-on plate.  The plate can be removed and replaced, if desired.  Select the tread plate design of your choice when ordering.   Replacement tread plates will be available for purchase as well.

      RMaxx Running Boards for Rivian R1T / R1S - Design Features

      Click HERE for Running Board Installation Instructions

      Click HERE for Rock Slider Installation Instructions