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    Team 1EV RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders for Rivian R1T / R1S

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      Team 1EV has engineered an innovative precision fit bolt-on running board with optional rock slider for the Rivian R1T and R1S.  With a strong emphasis on balancing proper design language, function, fitment, and quality for the Rivian application, the RMaxx Running Boards & Rock Sliders bring the convenience of a running board together with the optional protection of a properly engineered armored slider in a design that fits right and looks fantastic on the Rivian R1T and R1S.   Our goal was to make the boards look like they came from the factory.  True to this goal, we didn't add any giant brand logos or out-of-style design features.  The moderate face design looks right at home on the Rivian and provides sufficient grip.  The boards are tucked in properly, meshing visually with the natural truck lines, and the optional rock slide armor integrates properly and DIRECTLY with the actual Rivian frame structure rail on the top side and running board on the outside edge with proper heavy-duty triangulations to the board. 

       RMaxx Engineering and Coating


      The R1T weighs almost 7200lbs, and has a GVWR of just over 8,500 - we have engineered to this spec!  Our slider is positioned properly, directly under the Rivian frame rail, NOT cantilevered out with brackets - go slide over all the rocks you like, we're ready for you!  Team 1EV sliders are functional, not just for looks.  Attention to detail is paramount!  

      Rivian Rock Slider Protection Example

        Protect the High-Center Damage Prone Mid-Section


      Our fitment is bolt-on, by design.  We don't like cutting, drilling, or modifying the base vehicle.  We also thought forward on jack points and we've got you covered, with additional jack functionality added.      


      Material specifications are equally suited for the street, overlanding or Moab, take your pick, you're covered.   Running boards start with CNC-bent 1.75" OD alloy steel tubing with laser cut and welded steel plate top surface plates.   We finish all surfaces with a rugged textured black powder coating.   Running boards are rated for 500lb load.  Sliders are engineered for full confidence, starting with heavy wall 2" square tubing bolstered by several direct frame attachment points and triangulations.


      Installation is straight forward, bolt-on design and DIY friendly.  No extra parts or specialty tools are required.   No permanent modifications to the truck are necessary.  


       Team 1EV is proud to make the RMaxx Running Board & Rock Sliders in the USA 🇺🇸 

      RMaxx Running Boards vs Rock Sliders



      • 2022+ Rivian R1T
      • 2022+ Rivian R1S
      • Fully compatible with Rivian "RUS" Reinforced Underbody Protection



      • RMaxx Running Boards
        • Complete Set of 2 with Hardware (~100 lbs)
      • RMaxx Running Boards with Integrated Rock Slider Armor 
        • Complete Set of 2 with Hardware (~175 lbs)