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    Apple CarPlay / Android Auto Smart Dash Screen for Rivian R1T / R1S by Team 1EV

    • Description

      New for Rivian R1T / R1S from Team 1EV

      Pre-order Special Free Shipping (Ship ETA Dec)


      The engineers at Team 1EV have created a plug-and-play Smart Dash Screen for Rivian R1T / R1S.  This new screen will enable you to seamlessly use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto in your Rivian R1T / R1S.   The Smart Dash Screen kit comes complete with everything you need to install and setup the screen.   This DIY install requires NO cutting, drilling, screwing or permanent modifications to your Rivian!  The patent-pending mounting bracket is an innovative design which uniquely interlocks with the factory Rivian dash panel in a manner requiring no fasteners or adhesive - and the bracket can be removed at any time!  The bracket was designed to position the Smart Dash Screen in a location and at an angle that works best - not blocking the driver view, while angled ideally to look right at home in the Rivian.  A custom designed plug-and-play USB-C power cord taps directly into the factory Rivian fuse panel found under the dash in the driver footwell, ensuring the Smart Dash Screen will automatically toggle on and off with the Rivian.  We include a few zip ties as well, so you can tightly tuck the power wire in place and out of site for a clean and professional look.

      We mastered our expertise with add-on Smart Dash Screens over the past several years with our vast Tesla screen offerings - after selling thousands of screens, we used those learnings to make the easiest and most intuitive screen interface.   Even the 'novice' smart phone user will be comfortable setting up CarPlay with our screen!  Simply connect your smart phone to our Smart Dash via Bluetooth, click the CarPlay button on the screen, approve the CarPlay sync message on your phone and viola!...you're done!  


      CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone while you drive. You can get directions (compatible with Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze....), make calls, send and receive messages, and enjoy streaming your favorite music. All on our Smart Dash Screen display and sending the audio wirelessly to your Rivian's factory speakers! 

      Supports Apple Siri and Google Assistant voice control.


      What's Included with Team 1EV Smart Dash Screen Kit:

      • Smart Dash 2.5D Screen (10.3" IPS)
        • FHD Display 1600 x 600
        • Capacitive Touchscreen
      • Patent Pending Rivian Specific Mounting Bracket
      • Plug-in bracket, no drilling, no screws, no tape!
      • Rivian specific USB-C Power Module and Fuse Panel Tap (Plug-and-Play)
      • Bracket to Screen hardware and tool
      • Wire routing zip ties
      • Technical specs:
      • 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz
      • Bluetooth 4.0
      • CPU: quard-core ARM Cortex-A7 @1.0GHz
      • Memory: DDR3 2Gb
      • Language: Default English, but adjustable to most languages including Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and more.
      • Sleep Mode Power: < 2mA



      How does screen audio output work?  You have 4 choices:

      1 - Use the integrated speaker.  The Smart Dash Screen has an integrated speaker.  This is best suited for spoken navigation audio (ie - Waze spoken directions play through Smart Dash Screen integrated speaker).   While it is possible to play music output through the integrated speaker, it's not recommended as the sound quality will be inferior to the sound routed via Bluetooth through the Rivian factory speakers (option 2 below)

      2 - Bluetooth wireless to Rivian audio system / speakers.  This is the recommended option for best music sound quality.   Music streamed / played on your phone will be wireless Bluetooth connection to the Rivian audio system and play through the factory Rivian speakers using factory Rivian sound controls.  Steaming apps CAN be controlled on the Smart Dash Screen using CarPlay or Android Auto, while the audio plays through Bluetooth to the Rivian!  

      3 - Auxiliary output.  The Smart Dash Screen has an auxiliary output jack suitable for connecting wired headphones or other auxiliary speakers.   This is a standard 3.5mm jack.  

      4 - FM transmitter.   The Smart Dash Screen will 'transmit' audio over an FM channel you select.  Go to your radio and tune into that same FM channel, and you'll have the audio!  This audio is good, but not as high quality as Bluetooth.  So this is a good backup option for number 2.  

      Can the CarPlay / Android Auto menu be moved to the right?

      Yes, select lefthand or righthand menu configuration

      Can I dim the screen brightness?

      Yes, manually dim it, set it to auto-dim, or schedule it to dim at certain times

      Can I play videos?

      Yes, you can use Apple AirPlay or Android Cast to 'Screen Share' from your phone to the Smart Dash Screen.  This works with videos on your phone, or YouTube.  Audio output is limited to AirPlay or Android Cast audio options.  

      Can I turn off the Smart Dash Screen?

      Yes, it has a power button on the top.  Press it once to go into screen off / sleep mode. Press and hold it down for a few seconds and it powers off. With a power cycle (unplug it or truck cycles power), the screen will boot-up on power-up.  Or, you can unplug the USB-C power cord from the side!


      Android Auto - Apple CarPlay

      More about CarPlay from Apple....

      Let your iPhone show you the way.

      The power and simplicity of Apple Maps is available in your car. CarPlay can predict where you’re going using addresses from your email, text messages, contacts, and calendars. And with the detailed city experience, you can explore cities with unprecedented detail for roads, neighborhoods, trees, buildings, and more. Visit amazing 3D landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge in both the day and dark mode maps. One‑tap access to your go‑to and must‑see destinations also helps you find more to see and do when you get there — whether you’re searching for points of interest, driving to a favorite restaurant, or looking for nearby gas stations.

      Reading and writing is now listening and dictating.

      You can send audio messages with Siri on iOS and CarPlay, so you never have to look at your iPhone while driving. And you can have Siri announce your incoming messages, then simply speak to reply. You can also ask Siri to share your ETA with someone from your contacts list while navigating with Apple Maps, to help keep everyone who needs to know in the know.

      All your music.  Beautifully arranged.

      Access all your content from your Apple Music subscription and additional audio apps using your car’s built‑in controls. Search by artist, album, or song. See what’s playing and what’s up next. You can ask Siri to play your favorite song by Arcade Fire, act as your personal DJ, or stream one of more than 100,000 live radio stations.