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    Rivian R1T / R1S Dashboard Phone Mount with MagSafe Charger & Plug-and-Play Hardwire Kit

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      The Team 1EV engineering team nailed success with this new premium quality phone mount kit designed exclusively for the Rivian R1T / R1S.  Unlike other generic phone mounts or 3D printed brackets, this kit is the only one designed from scratch and manufactured from black anodized aluminum alloy to ensure a perfect phone mount the way an OEM would envision it!  The attention to details with this phone mount kit are unmatched by anyone.  


      First, this kit was designed to position phones on the left side, out of the way of the shifter on the right side.  Second, we refused to settle for a plastic 3D printed bracket, which is prone to flexing, jiggling over bumps, or worst of all breaking under load.  This kit features a proper CNC formed aluminum alloy metal bracket, the highest of quality and most secure and rigid of mounts.  Next, this kit does not use any double-sided tape, nor any 'clips' to hold in place.  The Patent Pending Team 1EV mount is creatively formed to slip under the dash pad and fasten to the Rivian frame using an existing mounting bolt.  No modifications, no cutting, no drilling!  Next, the MagSafe charge is the highest charging power (ie fast charge) unit possible, with a modern USB-C port plug.  The MagSafe mount is fully adjustable, allowing the owner to adjust the angle exactly to personal preference.   As for power, the kit includes a plug-and-play power harness that snakes through the dashboard down to the Rivian fuse panel, where it safely plugs into a proper fuse location which toggles on and off with the Rivian.  No unsightly wire is left running down or around the steering wheel!   Once installed, this premium phone mount looks right at home as if Rivian designed it!  


      This kit is designed to be an easy DIY installation and we include the trim pry bar and torx bit required for installation.   Simply follow our detailed step-by-step instructions and install it yourself at home! 



      • 15W MagSafe Charger
      • Patent Pending Bracket - Team 1EV Design (Exclusively at
      • Black Anodized Aluminum Alloy
      • Plug and Play Design - No Mods, Drilling, or Tape!
      • Removeable, no permanent mods
      • Turns on and off with Rivian
      • Compatible with Team 1EV Smart Dash (alternative fuse location is used)


      What is included:

        • Magsafe Wireless Charger Mount (charges compatible phones)
        • 15W wireless charging magnet pad with with ball socket head
        • CNC formed Metal Rivian Spec Mounting Bracket
          • Black Anodized Aluminum Alloy
        • Plug and play power module (connects to Rivian fuse panel)
        • Trim tool, torx bit, fuse puller