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    Wireless Remote Control Key Fob Switch Kit - Morimoto Banger LED Lighting (1 / 2 / 4 / Big Bangers)

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    • Description


      Team 1EV engineers have created a solution for greatly simplifying the installation hassle associated with 'toggle switches' to control LED pod lights.   Traditional toggle switches require routing wires 'into the cab' of a vehicle.  This means drilling holes in vehicle firewalls, forever trying to re-seal those holes, and contorting your body under the dashboard to route wires.  Then you have to find a place to 'mount' switches on our under your dash.

      Scrap those plans!  The Team 1EV remote control key fob kit has been developed to simply plug-and-play on all Morimoto 4 / 2 / 1 / Big Banger relay harnesses.  Team 1EV engineers used the sample 3-pin connector used on the standard Morimoto push-button toggle switch.  Just unplug the Morimoto toggle switch, and plug in the Team 1EV remote module.  That is all, the LED pod control is now toggled using the included key fob.  Totally wireless, no wires run into the cab.  


      Compatible with (all universal or vehicle specific kits):

      1 Key Fob (replaces 1 Switch) 

      • BAF000H Morimoto Switched Power Harness 2-Pod (1 or 2 or 4Bangers)
      • BAF132H Morimoto Switched Power Harness 2-Pod Power Harness (BigBangers)

      2 Key Fobs (replaces 2 Switches)

      • BAF133H Morimoto BigBanger Power Harness (up to 8 pods) 
      • BAF130H Morimoto BangerBar Power Harness (2 or 4Banger bar, 6-8 pods) 
      • BAF131H Morimoto BangerBar Power Harness (2 or 4 banger bar, 10-12 pods)


      Key Fob Switch for Morimoto