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    Tesla Model S / X Center & Rear Dash Touchscreen Protector Covers - High Definition Clear Screen Shield

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    • Description

      Team 1EV has worked with a top smart phone screen protection manufacturer to create premium screen protectors for Tesla Model S and X touch control screens.   The Team 1EV T Sportline screen protectors are made from authentic Japanese multi-layer polyethylene terephthalate film (PET).  The screen film is engineered to preserve native screen touch sensitivity and original optical clarity, while protecting against scratches and screen damage.   Unlike other 'glass' screen shields which adversely alter screen resolution optics and touch sensitivity, Team 1EV T Sportline's screen protector maintains original touch sensitivity and optical clarity the same as the unprotected factory screens.   




      • Offered in glare-free matte or factory gloss finish 
      • Easy installation, 3 sets of 2 screen protectors (Center dash and rear) included
        • For front center and rear touchscreens
        • Does not include driver view screen (not a touchscreen, don't touch it!) 
      • Glass-free safe covers, will not shatter or splinter or crack or otherwise cause risk of cuts or slices to fingers, children, or pets
      • High definition transparency film that ensures maximum resolution
      • Real human touch sensitivity for a natural feel that provides touch screen accuracy flawlessly 
      • Protects your screen from scratches, dust and scrapes 
      • Safeguard against pet nails, paws, and loving licks from furry friends
      • Safeguard against artistic and playful kiddos who want to mark screens with crayons, markers, and grubby little fingers
      • Removable without solvent and leaves no residue 
      • Limited lifetime warranty
      • Made by Team 1EV for T Sportline


      Technical Specifications


      • Fits 2021+ Refreshed Model S and X (Including Long Range and Plaid)
      • Includes 3 sets of 2 shield, front center touch screen and rear seat screen
        • For front center and rear touchscreens
        • Does not include driver view screen (not a touchscreen, don't touch it!)
      • 5 Layer Proprietary Design 
        • Protective clear coating (top layer)
        • Deep scratch protection layer (second layer)
        • Optical polyethylene terephthalate film (PET) (middle layer)
        • Adhesive silicon (lower layer)
        • OE screen liner (bottom layer)
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