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    Tesla Model 3 / Y DIY Paint Protection Film (PPF) Kit for Door Handles

    • Description
      Say no more to scratching up your door handles!  Rest easy that jewelry, finger nails, key chains, or kids toys will no longer scratch your door handles!

      Our new DIY Paint Protection Film Kit (PPF) for Tesla Model 3 / Y 'Door Handles' is the perfect solution to guard against wear & tear on your Tesla door handles!  The CNC-cut paint protection film has been patterned specifically for the 2017-Present Tesla Model 3 or the 2020-Present Tesla Model Y door handles.  

      Each DIY kit comes complete with the PPF film, two spray bottles, and two squeegees for installation.   To install our PPF film, after thoroughly washing your vehicle and the applicable areas which get PPF coverage, generously spray the film (top and bottom sides) and car with a soapy water mix (in one spray bottle -  the 'slip' bottle), apply and slide the soaked PPF film into place on the wet surface, and then carefully & lightly squeegee the water out from the center of the PPF film to the edges of the film.   Working out any excess soapy water, air bubbles or wrinkles - if necessary, carefully lift up the PPF and re-wet it (spray the 'slip' solution) or re-align as needed.  It takes some patience, but anyone can do the installation.   To help secure the PPF film edges in place, the second spray bottle (the 'stick' bottle) can be filled with a 30% isopropyl alcohol / 70% water mix, which can be sprayed under corners or edges of the PPF to help 'stick' (secure) the film during squeegee working.


      The DIY kit is offered with "two PPF film sets".  If you are a beginner and / or want a backup PPF film or a PPF practice film, you got it!



      • Easy DIY wet, peel & apply application 
      • Install tools included
      • Self healing paint protection film, lasts up to 10 years
      • TMaxx Self-Healing Clear Gloss Paint Protection Film
      • Designed and cut in the USA
      • Fits
        • Tesla Model 3 (2017-Present)
        • Tesla Model Y (2020-Present)

        What is included:

        • PPF Films
          • Door handles (front and rear doors, 8 pieces (a spare set included))

        • 2 Spray bottles (Slip Bottle / Tack Bottle)
        • 2 Squeegees (Narrow / Wide)