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    Tesla Compact Spare Wheel & Tire - optional Jack / Lug Tool Kit

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      Finally, a spare wheel and tire designed specifically and exclusively for Tesla usage with a modern looking design!  The TS1 Tesla Spare from T Sportline was designed from scratch to look good and match Tesla design language, meet proper Tesla load specification, fit all Tesla models, and include a properly specified jack and tool kit to enable safe and confident installation during any flat tire scenario or roadside duress or other emergency spare tire uses.   We tested other spare kits and frankly we didn't like the look nor would we feel safe using their 'lug centric' wheels.  Some companies make generic spare wheels and overside the hub.  These wheels use the 'lug nuts' to center the wheel.   The purpose of lug centering is to enable one generic wheel to fit many different vehicles.   All factory wheels are 'hub centric'.  The wheel centers directly on the vehicle hub and lug nuts are only used to hold the wheel tight to the hub.  This is the only safe way to attached a vehicle wheel.  T Sportline only sells hub centric wheels, and this promise extends to our TS1 Spare wheel.   We designed and tooled the TS1 Spare exclusively to Tesla hub specifications.  Unlike general purpose Modern Spare kits or other generic spares, rest assured the T Sportline TS1 Spare Wheel & Tire kit is made specifically for your Tesla and it fits and matches or exceeds all specs, providing a safe and reliable spare tire solution.   

      All T Sportline TS1 Spare Wheel and Tires include a nylon storage tote and two (2) disposable tire bags for use transporting your flat tire and wheel assembly to a tire shop.   

      An optional road-side tire changing tool kit can be included with the T Sportline TS1 Spare Wheel and Tire, making a complete 'flat tire service' kit including a jack with Tesla pad puck, lug wrench, and T Sportline camo tire-changing gloves.


      • Low Pressure Cast Aluminum Alloy Wheel
      • Designed to utilize factory Tesla lug nuts
      • Fits all Tesla Model S 3 X Y, all versions and all years
        • Proper offsets, no inferior spacers needed like lesser spares use
      • Properly designed for hub-centric Tesla fit
        • Much safer than inferior 'lug centric' fitment found on other spares

      TS1 Spare Wheel & Tire Assembly Includes

      • Assembled 1EV TS1 Spare Wheel & Tire
      • Durable nylon tote bag -  keeps car clean and makes carrying the spare easy
      • 2 disposable full size tire bags - keeps car clean when transporting the 'flat' 


      TS1 Spare Wheel & Tire Assembly & Tool Kit Includes

      • Assembled 1EV TS1 Spare Wheel & Tire
      • Durable nylon tote bag -  keeps car clean and makes carrying the spare easy
      • 2 disposable full size tire bags - keeps car clean when transporting the 'flat' 
      • Tesla-spec 2-ton / 4000 lbs TruLift scissor style jack and fast lift ratchet 
        • Lifts from 4" to 17.5"
        • Jack features 11/16 hex (an 11/16" socket can be used on jack)
      • Tesla spec lug socket and breaker bar 
      • T Sportline white camo tire changing gloves

      TS1 Spare Wheel and Tire Specifications

      • Fits all Tesla Model S, 3, X, Y - all years and all versions!
      • Size: 18" x 4"
      • Offset: Tesla Spec
      • Bolt Pattern (PCD): 3/ Y 5x114.3 and S / X 5x120
      • Center Bore: 64.1 
      • Center Cap:Includes T Sportline center cap
        • Factory Tesla center caps will fit (not included)
      • Construction: Low Pressure Cast Aluminum Alloy Wheel
      • Weight: 23 lbs
      • Load Rating: 900 kg/1,890 lbs
      • Color: Satin Black
      • Tires (Max Speed 50 mph):
        • Model 3 (2017-present): T135/80/18 Continental sContact 104M
        • Model Y (2020-present): T145/85/18 Continental sContact 103M
        • Model S (2012-present): T145/85/18 Continental sContact 103M
        • Model X (2016-present): T155/90/18 Continental sContact 113M


      Watch the T Sportline jack easily lift and lower a Tesla Model S Plaid 👇🏻 



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