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    Rivian R1T RMAXX Gear Tunnel Dual Slide Out Trolley Sled and Storage Chests & Boxes by Team 1EV

    Side 1 Configuration:
    Side 2 Configuration:
    Optional Center Box:
    • Description

      New Exclusive!

      Pre-Order - Estimated Ship Date June


      We love the Rivian R1T Gear Tunnel. It is a great example of utilizing the benefits of an EV’s architecture to create even more value for the owner. As great as it is to have the extra storage area in the Gear Tunnel, it can sometimes be difficult to fully utilize the space. 


      Team 1EV set out to make the world's finest gear tunnel storage system - a properly designed ecosystem for the R1T gear tunnel.   Our RMaxx setup is impressive on all fronts.  It's an easy bolt-in design, no permanent modifications required.  It's properly split to pull out on both sides of the truck!  The patent-pending dual side pull out design enables maximum utilization of the gear tunnel space and heavy duty load ratings!  Every customer has different uses and needs, so modular configurations are a must and that's exactly how we designed the ecosystem - between our different options you'll be able to order it "your way" - a full 32 different setups!  Plus, the sled is designed to be 'mod friendly', with integrated mounting bosses for bolting or strapping your own setups to the sled!  


      By putting storage options on an extendable sled, you can now access and maximize the full Gear Tunnel storage volume. And, with various storage options, you can customize the storage type to suit your needs. Mix and match three different storage box types – two toolboxes with drawers and an open top box – or use the various mounting and strapping points on the sled to mount your own gear.


      Highlight Features

      • Better utilize great space in gear tunnel – each component of this system is shaped for maximum storage capacity within the R1T gear tunnel
      • Mix and match storage options to suit your needs. Any box option can be mounted to either side of the sled
      • One slide comes out either side of vehicle to allow heavier carrying capacity and so that all storage can be accessed in confined areas like a garage or parking lot
      • Team 1EV partnered with the manufacturer of leading brand toolboxs to create a professional grade product with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects
      • CNC laser cut and formed alloy steel construction is black texture powder coated for long indoor/outdoor life
      • Quick and easy bolt-in (no modifications) installation
      • Gear tunnel power outlets and power ports remain accessible 
      • Patent Pending design 


      Dual Slide Out Trolley

      • 250 lb working load capacity on each side (500lbs total)
      • Each side is built with three heavy duty roller slides positioned in cross axis for maximum rigidity and load capacity
      • Sleds lock into place when fully extended and when stored. A simple single-hand pull handle releases
      • A bonus drawer is built into the end of each sled and is perfect for small but frequently used items.  Sled drawer opens even when sled remains locked in gear tunnel - Measures: 5.25" width x 23.25" length x 1.75" depth 
      • Assorted hard-mount bolt anchors and strap hook points allow unlimited mounting options for various other gear and accessories
      • Designed to work with all Team 1EV Storage Chests and Storage Boxes, or with any third party gear or accessories using integrated module mounting points


      Storage Chests with Folding Work Platforms

      • Choose either 3 drawers or 1 drawer toolbox. Each toolbox drawer has 100 lbs rated slides to carry even your heaviest tools and a quick release latch to ensure the drawers stay closed when not in use. Also, each drawer includes a pre-cut drawer liner to give your tools a soft surface to sit on
      • The 3 drawer box has shorter drawers, perfect for hand tools, while the 1 drawer box has a single large drawer, perfect for larger power tools or off-roading equipment
      • Both toolboxes have an automatic (gas strut) opening tabletop. Simply release the latch and the tabletop will raise and lock into place to give you plenty of work or prep space. The tabletop also includes rubber bumpers along the edge to ensure protection of the Rivian body panels
      • The toolboxes hard-mount to the sled with four bolts for maximum stability and security
      • Chests work on either side of vehicle position on slide out trolley.  Chests bolts onto trolley with included hardware.
      • 3 Drawer Chest Measurements: 
        •     23.75" length x 8.5" width x 2.75" depth
        •     23.75" length x 10" width x 3.5" depth
        •     23.75"length  x 10" width x 3.5" depth
        •     Top Surface 9.5" x 27.5"
        •     Fold-up Shelf 14" x 24.5"
      • 1 Drawer Chest Measurements:
        •     23.75" length x 8" width opening and base: 23.75" x 10.75" x 10.5" depth
        •     Top Surface 9.5" x 27.5"
        •     Fold-up Shelf 14" x 24.5"


      Large Sport / Camp / Gear Storage Box

      • Simple open top design allows easy loading and unloading
      • Painted steel construction is ready to handle anything you throw in it
      • Perfect for sports gear, camping supplies, groceries or more!
      • Storage boxes work on either side of vehicle position on slide out trolley.  Box bolts onto trolley with included hardware.
      • Measures: 27.25" length x 9.75" width opening / 27.25" length x 12.75" width base


      Small Center Storage Box

      • Add even more storage with the small center bucket box add-on
      • Can be added to either Toolbox or the Large Storage Bucket option and can be mounted to either side sled (one side or the other)
      • Perfect for smaller, less frequently used accessories
      • Accessible from the roll-up passthrough hole in the rear seats giving great additional interior storage for back seat passengers
      • Measures: 10.5" x 7.5" opening / 11.5" x 7.5" base and 8" depth 


      Gear Tunnel Opening Dimensions with RMaxx Sled Installed