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    Rivian R1T / R1S Removable Panoramic Roof Sun Shade and Blackout Reflector by Team 1EV

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    • Description

      Team 1EV engineers have created a convenient sun shading and shielding solution for Rivian R1T and R1S panoramic roof windows.  Not only does the shade take the edge of the sun, for the ultimate protection or when parked for the long haul, the sun can be more properly blocked and reflected using our included Blackout Reflector Shield.


      The Team 1EV Rivian R1T / R1S Sun Shade & Reflector will keep the interior cooler to the delight of passengers, kiddos, and pets.  The Shade is quick and easy to remove and store as well.  After the initial clip installation, the Shade can be taken down and twisted onto itself to reduce size for storage in the included storage tote bag.   


      What about sagging in the middle? Fear not with the Team 1EV Shade, we've got that covered as well!  Our exclusive kit includes a center suction cup and Shade magnet, allowing you to add a center support point in a manner you can barely notice.   


      Fitment is precise to the edges, all the way around.  We've seen some other inferior kits what do not fit well and made sure ours is properly manufactured to hug the Rivian trim lines.


      What is Included:

      • Removable Panoramic Roof Sun Shade 
      • Removable Blackout Reflective Sun Shield (attaches to Sun Shade)
      • Magnetic Center Support Cup / Sag Preventer
      • Attachment Clips (no permanent mods, removable)
      • Storage Tote