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    Rivian R1S Rear Cargo and 2nd / 3rd Row Seat Down Canvasback Liner and Surface Covers

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    • Description

      New Release!


      Looking for a rugged surface protection cover for the back of your Rivian R1S? Our new Canvasback liner kits have arrived! These unique nylon canvas covers have been designed from scratch to precisely fit all the cargo surfaces in the back of the Rivian R1S. Each canvas panel is cut and hemmed for a specific surface in the R1S. The panels attach using Velco, which we include in the kit. The Velco attachment allows for you to install and remove the panels quick and easy, as needed. Our team at EV Sportline has personally installed and tested these covers in our Rivian R1S, we love them!

      Why Choose Canvasback Custom Cargo Liners

      We all love to throw things into the back of our vehicles! We’re active, on the move and using our vehicles to carry things. Active lifestyles can be messy: messy kids, dirty dogs, muddy bikes, dusty golf clubs, wet flower pots - you have the visual! Your vehicle is expensive and worth protecting, keep it clean and looking great!

      Our tailor fit cargo liners are made from waterproof /water-resistant polyester fabrics – not rubber or plastic. We offer a sleeker look, maintaining functionality while also providing coverage.

      Available Kits:

      • Cargo Liner Kit = 9pcs
        1. 2nd row, left seat back
        2. 2nd row, right seat back
        3. 2nd row, center seat back
        4. 3rd row, left seat back
        5. 3rd row, right seat back
        6. 3rd row, cargo transition section
        7. Rear cargo area
        8. Tailgate to cargo transition section
        9. Tailgate cover


      • Cargo Cover Kit = 2pcs
        1. 2nd row seats back
        2. 3rd row seats back and rear cargo area (one continuous mat)

      • Cargo Cover Kit with Tailgate Sections = 4pcs
        1. 2nd row seats back
        2. 3rd row seats back and rear cargo area (one continuous mat)
        3. Tailgate to cargo transition section
        4. Tailgate cover