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    Rivian R1S / R1T Off-Road Light Bar / Single Row LED 12 Pod / 47" Morimoto BangerBar

    Choose LED Lens Colors:
    Baja: All white (Max brightness)

    Baja: All white (Max brightness)

    Overland: Hybrid - white center & inners / yellow outers

    Overland: Hybrid - white center & inners / yellow outers

    Pacific Northwest: All yellow (Max fog vision)

    Pacific Northwest: All yellow (Max fog vision)

    Choose LED Intensity:
    • Description


      Rivian Specific Fitment & Harness 

      Option 'Wireless' Remote Control


      Team 1EV has developed the first plug-and-play LED off road light bar specific for the Rivian R1S.  The Team 1EV kit has been developed using Morimoto 2Banger LED pods, the most modern high performance LED pods on the market.  We developed the kit to mount to Overland Ruff Rax roof racks, or other similar racks.  All our light bar kits include standard Morimoto push button toggle switches (2 per kit, inner 8 pods / outer 4 pods are controlled separately).  Morimoto toggle switches require running wires into the cab (drill a hole through the firewall) or mounting the switches under the hood.  Or, if you prefer our wireless key fob control, you can add our plug-and-play modules to your order (you need 2 per light bar) - and when you choose the optional wireless key fob kit, NO WIRES need to pass into the cab! 


      Our kit includes a custom made 'Rivian-spec' plug-and-play relay and wiring harness.  The harness is made to the proper length and with the proper gauge wires and terminals to route directly to your Rivian low voltage battery auxiliary terminal under the hood - it is an easy 2 wire hook-up!  This light bar kit was developed to use in conjunction with a 'roof rack'.  The wiring harness routes to the back of the vehicle (hidden along the inside of the roof rack frame), and routes down from the roof inside the rear hatch strut channel.  In order to get the wire from the roof into the rear hatch channel, a small 3/4" hole must be drilled in the plastic aero panel found above and forward the rear hatch.  Click HERE to see an image of the harness routed through the 3/4" drilled hole.  


      Team 1EV's BangerBar kit for the 2022-Present Rivian R1S has been through numerous rounds of design, prototyping and testing directly on the truck to ensure perfect compatibility.  Each bracket is laser cut from 304 stainless steel, then powder coated. The custom CNC formed brackets are offered with standard bottom mounts.  Bottom mount is the standard mounting bracket, for attaching the lights using a bracket that extends under the pods (Note: 12 pod will not fit in light bar cutout on RuffRax, must be mounted on top of RuffRax - for low profile mounting in light bar cutout, refer to our 10 pod kit).  All our hardware is premium 300 series stainless steel.


      Control Switch Options:

      Included: Morimoto Push-Button Toggle Switch (2 included)

      • Requires running wires into cab or under hood for 'push-button' toggle switch
      • Requires mounting Morimoto switches 
      • Includes (2) Team 1EV Stainless Steel 3/4" switch mounting brackets

       Optional Add-on Switch (2 required):

      • Team 1EV Exclusive 'Key-Fob' Remote Relay Harness 
      • Wireless RF Key Fob for easy 1-button on/off control
      • Plug-and-play with Morimoto harness

              • 12x Morimoto 2Banger LED Pods
              • Mounting Brackets - Standard Bottom Mounts
              • Complete Stainless Bolts
              • Rivian Spec Relay and Wiring Harness (Plug-n-Play)
                • Requires 3/4 hole saw cut in the rear upper plastic aero cover to pass wire into rear hatch channel.  Wire routs under vehicle (in covered channel) to front battery under hood.
              • Includes 2 Push Button Morimoto Toggle Switches
              • Includes 2 stainless steel switch mount brackets