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    Lucid Air 2022-Present Rear Wheel +5mm / 0.2 inch Billet Spacer Set (Set of 2)

    • Description

      The factory wheel fitment on Lucid Air rear wheels is notably inboard (sunken deep into the wheel wheel), creating a void between the outer edge of the rear wheels and tires, and the rear fender.  Give your 2022-present Lucid Air a more sporty stance and more flush look in the rear, closing the gap between the tires and fender, with T Sportline billet aluminum rear wheel spacers.   These spacers are designed specifically for Lucid Air fitment, ensuring proper fitment.  The spacers are compatible with all factory OEM Lucid wheels and all T Sportline aftermarket wheels.  Installing these spacers will offset the rear wheels outward by 5mm / 0.2 inch, bringing the wheel and tire closer to flush with the fender.  The spacers will not cause any rubbing or fender interference, when used with T Sportline or Factory Lucid wheels.  


      Spacer Kit Includes

      • 2x Stainless Steel Spacer Attachment Screws
        • Attaches spacer to wheel - screws only apply to 19" wheels
      • 2x Billet Aluminum Lucid Air-Spec Spacers (5mm / 0.2 inch thickness) 



      • PCD: 5x120 (Lucid Air - all models)
      • Edge is finished 'black' to make the spacers less visible
      • Preserves proper factory Lucid-spec hub and lug fitment
      • Approved Fitment Applications
        • 2022-Present Lucid Air Rear Wheels
      • Offset: +5 mm / 0.2 inch
      • Works with factory Lucid Air lugs and lug nuts




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