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    JAMES BAROUD Walls for Classic Side Awning 78" x 106"

    • Description

      These optional walls are designed to seamlessly integrate with the awning, providing you with a versatile and adaptable shelter solution. Made from the same high-quality Evolution Fabric, the Classic Awning Walls offer exceptional durability and protection. 


      Crafted from breathable, waterproof, and UV-blocking fabric, the Classic Awning Walls ensure optimal comfort and protection in various weather conditions. The technical details of the fabric guarantee its reliability and performance, keeping you dry and shielded from the sun's harmful rays. With its four-season design, the Classic Awning Walls are suitable for year-round camping, allowing you to create a comfortable living space in any environment.


      Featuring one door and two large windows, you can customize ventilation and natural light according to your preference. The mosquito netting provides a bug-free environment, while the transparent tinted PVC panels can be zipped shut for added warmth, privacy, and protection.


      The easy installation process ensures a seamless attachment to the Classic Awning. Just clip the three fabric panels to the upper poles of your awning and zip them together, creating a hermetically sealed living space for your camping experience.