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    JAMES BAROUD Evolution Series Evasion Hard Shell Vehicle Roof / Bed Top Camping Tent

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      With ample space for up to four people, the Evasion is ideal for families embracing the great outdoors or couples seeking new experiences.  Providing year-round safety and all-season protection with its proven reliability and rugged weather-proof construction for worry-free camping adventures.  Less than 1 minute setup, 360 panoramic views and a comfortable foam mattress ensure a tranquil and rejuvenating camping experience even under the starry sky.  The innovative raked roof profile also increases air circulation through the tent, providing a natural vent for warmer air as it rises.


      The large doors and windows provide superb cross flow ventilation, and the solar-powered roof fan can be turned on for increased ventilation in extreme climates.  The tent opens and closes in less than 1 minute, through four integrated hydraulic cylinders, mounted on bearings to actuate the articulated arms, which are protected by a canvas cover. An integrated elastic band around the canvas assure its inclusion inside the tent during the closing.


      The hard shell are made of reinforced polyester glass and finished with Gelcoat. The hard shell has two air slots, equipped with a dust filter that improves the ventilation inside the tent. The top streamlined hard shell is designed with a rear aileron. The hard shell locking is ensured by two tailor-made locks. The attachment of the tent to your roof rack or bars is made by the James Baroud Clamps and the aluminum rails built under the bottom shell. Six Clamps with adjustable width between 30mm (1.18") and 85mm (3.35") are shipped with the tent. More can be ordered separately if necessary.


      The James Baroud hard shell roof top tents are manufactured in the white, gray, or black.  We also offer custom colors, you can also choose a color from the RAL7 palette and we will make it custom just for you.

      James Baroud Defaut Colors


      The grey canvas consists of a coated high-quality microporous acrylic that reflect the solar rays, is UV light resistant, water-resistant and permeable to air. With double seams and 100% water-resistant.

      The canvas is fitted under cabling in curved aluminum guides towards the outside of the shell, ensuring a perfect waterproofing and a strong wind resistance, even with wind gusts of 120km/h. The door closes with a velcro strip for a perfect impermeability and the awning for the windows are mounted on cables and velcro to increase the protection agains wind and rain.

      This roof top tent has windows/doors with a James Baroud Mosquito Net stiched right into the fabric. The Mosquito Net is made of top quality material and is tear resistant.  All the zippers have rubber cursors, a simple system so it can be very silent even with heavy wind.

      Canvas Specifications

      Material 100% polyester ISO 22198
      Composition PES 100% ISO 1833
      Construction Simple 1/1 ISO 3572
      Coating acrylic
      Weight (+1-5%) 240g/m2 ISO 3801
      Tensile strength ISO 13934-1
      Longitudinal 140 daN
      Transversal 100daN
      Breaking load ISO 13937-1
      Longitudinal 2,0 daN
      Transversal 2,0 daN
      Schmerber 85cm ISO 811
      Weather resistance 6 (sides covered) ISO 105 b04
      Friction (wen and dry) 4 ISO 105x12:2002
      Migration within the PVC 3-4 ISO 10510:1978


      Inside the roof top tent there is a James Baroud High Density Mattress with a cover.

      Mattress Specifications

      Density 28kg/m3 ISO 845
      Tensile strength 115 Kpa ISO 1798
      Air permeability 828 L/dm2/min ISO 8237


      The ladder is adjustable to the vehicle height and flexible to match the movement when people move inside the tent. With non-slip and ergonomic steps, it is sent with a bag made of our canvas and PVC, to avoid sand and water going inside the tent.  The ladder is certified for 440lbs.

      It has a lock mechanism after attached so it doesn't fall even with high winds and rain, it also has a rubber finishing in the bottom so it sticks to every terrain.

      Ladder Weight 4.346kg 9.581lbs
      Ladder Height 2.41m 94.88in


      The tent has a solar fan (CMV) with an on/off switch. The solar fan is silent and has a 24-hour battery which is rechargeable by an integrated solar panel. With a capacity of 19.2m3/h, this fan prevents condensation and helps evacuating the heat stored, thereby avoiding humidity and fungi. The James Baroud Vent was conceived to circulate a volume seven times the size of our bigger tent.



      Vent Fan Specifications

      Extraction Capacity 19,2 m3/hour
      Evasion Internal Volume 2,5 m3
      Hourly Renewals 7,5
      Ventilator Efficiency* 106,60

      USB Rechargeable LED Ceiling Light (Removable)

      The lighting is assure by a James Baroud LED lantern that is rechargeable and removable. With a lithium battery of 2600mAH that allows several hours of use and comes with a USB charger. 


      LED Specifications

      • Strong 3W LED light in the front with 2 intensities
      • 360º rotation adjustment so it can serve as a spotlight
      • COB light on the side with the colors
        • White for visibility
        • Red to be softer on the eye, improve the night vision and keep bugs away
        • Blinking red for SOS or as a presence light behind when hiking
      • Durable 2600mAh battery with a USB charger
      • Strong magnet so you can attach to any metal surfaceIt's articulate


      Battery: 2600mAH litium
      Brightness: 500lm
      Beam Range: 200m


      The hard shell roof top tents are featured with a storage net on the upper part of the interior.

      When closed, the tent has a space of 8 inches in height to help store some simple items. In this space, it is possible to store:
      • 2 sleeping bags or blankets
      • 2 pillows
      • 2 sleeping clothes
      • The stairs
      When closing the tent, make sure there is nothing in the corners where the mechanisms fit. There shouldn't be nothing between the mechanisms arms and the floor of the tent.


      The James Baroud lock system has a mechanism that makes impossible to open acidentally. To open it you need to firmly press both sides and pull it up.



      Our roof top tents have a resistant and ergonomic rubber handle on the side to make it easier to open and close it.


      In concern of the safety of our clients and third party, all the James Baroud roof top tents has a TÜV Certificate.


      For more information about warranty, click here.