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    TreeFrog 20mm x 110mm Thru Axle Fork Mount Bracket

    • Description


      TreeFrog 20mm x 110mm Thru Axle Fork Mount Bracket is a universal fork mount that handles 20mm fork holes and 110mm fork widths.  


      Step 1: measure the diameter of the hole at the end of your forks - it will be either 9mm, 12mm, 15mm or 20mm.

      Step 2: measure the distance between the holes on your fork - it will be either 100mm or 110mm.


      Compatible with TreeFrog Bike Racks


        • 6061 Anodized aluminum bracketry
        • Certification: German TUV SUD test (German DIN bicycle racks tests)
        • MFG SKU: FM20X110

        What is included:

        • 1 x Universal 20x110mm fork mount bracket
        • Shipping
          Shipping Cost in USD Per Item
          USA 5
          Canada 15
          Puerto Rico 15
          Netherlands 20
          Europe 20
          Australia 20
          New Zealand 20
          Asia 20


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