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    Chilewich Rivian R1T Truck Tailgate Mat

    Select Colors and Weave Option:
    Dark Green - Ikat Weave (Rivian OEM - very similar match)

    Dark Green - Ikat Weave (Rivian OEM - very similar match)

    Steel - Reed Weave (Rivian OEM - exact match)

    Steel - Reed Weave (Rivian OEM - exact match)

    Deep Grey - Ikat Weave (Similar to Rivian carpet)

    Deep Grey - Ikat Weave (Similar to Rivian carpet)

    • Description

      Team 1EV engineers teamed up with fellow Georgia-based trendsetter, Chilewich to collaborate on making a premium floor and cargo surface mat offering for the Rivian R1T and R1S.  Building off the OEM-Rivian Chilewich momentum and Team 1EV's expertise around the Rivian platform, our engineering teams united and developed a new and exclusive mat solution to fully protect and properly outfit your Rivian.  

      Our mat patterns are custom designed for maximum coverage, extending edge-to-edge, well beyond the stock mats to better protect against dirt and spills.   Our mats are WATERPROOF!  Stock OEM-Chilewich mats are mighty nice, but fully permeable and not water proof at all.  We back all our mats with a new biofelt waterproof polymer - rest assured, spills or wet weather or northern snowy slop will not make it through our mats!  We chose a weave that looks right in the Rivian, the IKat, and a color that we think looks great with all Rivian interiors, while not looking dirty even if it gets dirty - Deep Grey, which is a plaid of blacks and greys.   

      Want to create a custom set of mats for your Rivian? We have you covered!  Select from hundreds of Chilewhich options - we can custom make your spec and design, from order to delivery in just 3 weeks.   


      Rivian R1T Truck Tailgate 


      • Authentic Chilewich® made exclusively for EV Sportline
      • Made in the USA
      • Woven Floormats
        • IKat -Deep Grey 
      • Waterproof Biofelt Backing (Factory Rivian Chilewich mats are not waterproof)
      • Extreme durability - Retains appearance over many years of use
      • Woven from phthalate-free, lead-free yarns that contain 18% renewable vegetable content 
      • 100% free of the phthalates and heavy metals found in conventional plasticizers
      • Easy Maintenance
        • Green Cleaning - save for water and biodegradable detergents
        • Mild soap and warm water to remove dirt and smudges
        • Bleach safe - approved for using bleach cleaners, will not fade
      • Antimicrobial Protection - Resistant to mold and mildew 
      • Noise Abatement - Helps to reverse reverberation
      • Gauranteed Quality - We stand behind the product ensuring you love them!


        Care Instructions:

        Vacuum or wash face of mat to clean.  Blot spills quickly.  Scrub stain with soft bristle brush and soapy water or bleach-base cleanser if desired.  Air dry thoroughly. 



        Chilewich Mats

        More about our partner, Chilewich:


        Chilewich pushes the boundaries of form and function with products that combine innovative textiles and distinctive colors with extraordinary durability and easy maintenance. Chilewich  designs can be found in the permanent collection of the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, and in homes, workplaces, restaurants, boats, recreational vehicles, airplanes, automobiles and hotels around the world.


        Life is Messy.So is sustainability. It’s a journey, not a destination. Progress, not perfection. And this can be all too easy to forget. Chilewich was born in 2000 out of Sandy Chilewich’s passion for reimagining overlooked materials and underused processes to transform the way people around the world set their tables. In designing textiles that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable, versatile, and easy to wipe clean, Chilewich offers products that address a key element of sustainability: longevity. Every Chilewich product is made to endure decades of daily use and to look good doing it.  Sustainability is also the quest for better, and Chilewich is committed to continuing to make choices that are better for people and the planet. From raw materials to finished goods, design to production, Chilewich recognizes that this is an evolution that encompasses manufacturers, consumers, and policymakers in a complex interplay of economics, engineering, and chemistry.


        Leading with longevity.  Made to retain their refined look through decades of daily use, Chilewich textiles are renowned for their beauty and practicality. They’re also the product of 20 years of continuous innovation to maximize performance and minimize environmental impact. Chilewich is  proud of the strides they have made, and are committed to continuous improvement in their materials and their processes.


        Maximizing performance. Minimizing impact. Extended Lifespan.  Strengthened by integrated antimicrobial protection, our products retain their beauty and functionality
        for decades, reducing energy-and cost-intensive replacement and the associated waste. 


        Environmentally Safe.  Chilewich products have been tested and certified by the Green Label PlusTM and GreenGuard® programs for low VOC emissions and they can be found  in healthcare settings that include major hospitals.  TerraStrand is the common thread that links everything to what Chilewich does.  Free of lead and phthalates, these extruded yarns are softened by a plasticizer that is derived from soybeans rather than petroleum for a 40% reduction in greenhouse gases compared to conventional plasticizers. Chilewich yarns contain a minimum of 18% renewable vegetable content

        Ethical Manufacturing. From carefully sourcing polymers to ensuring that their factory in Georgia meets or exceeds EPA and OSHA standards, Chilewich takes health and safety as seriously as they do innovation.