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    Black Anodized Aluminum TPMS Tire Air Valve Stem Caps

    • Description

      Finish off the look and performance of your wheels with Team 1EV black anodized aluminum tire TPMS valve stem caps.   These caps are precision machined from aluminum and feature an integrated silicone seal to keep water and dirt out of your TPMS valve stems.   The caps are a very easy DIY replacement for standard generic looking factory plastic valve stem caps.  



      • All Team 1EV Wheels and TPMS valve stems
      • All T Sportline Wheels and TPMS valve stems
      • All Forgiato, Titan, Niche Wheels and most all aftermarket wheels
      • All Tesla, Rivian, Lucid, Ford, Porsche and most all OEM Factory Wheels and TPMS valve stems
        • Compatible with all wheels, with or without aero covers


      Installation is as easy as unscrewing the plastic factor caps (twist counter-clockwise) until the cap is removed.   Then screw Team 1EV aluminum caps onto the TPMS valve stem (twist clockwise) until the cap is snug / finger-tight.  


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