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    BuiltRight Bedside (Cab Wall) Mounting & Storage MOLLE Panel 4x Attachment Kit

    • Description
      Installing RIVIAN X MAXTRAX Recovery Boards on BuiltRight R1T Cab Wall MOLLE Panel (Requires qty 1 Attachment Kit)


      BuiltRight MOLLE Nuts are the ultimate 'nice to have'. For years, we've had customers reaching behind panels with a wrench and/or using large washers to mount things in the larger MOLLE openings in each panel. Save time, save your knuckles and unlock even greater adjustability when using your BuiltRight MOLLE panels. 


      The "Block and Slot" Pattern

      The term MOLLE has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years and many imitation products have latched onto it, simply cutting square or rectangles into their products. The BuiltRight 'Block and Slot' pattern offers slotted features, designed for use with common 1/4" mounting hardware in addition to correct MIL-SPEC MOLLE/PALS features. 


      How is it built? It's Built Right!

      Each Bedside Rack Panel is manufactured using high-grade 1/8" thick aluminum plate and is CNC cut and formed for perfect fit every time. All panels are finished with a durable texture black powdercoat for a factory look and feel.  


      Designing for Success 

      BuiltRight is an engineering company before all else and they're obsessed with great mechanical design. Each product has a story of ideas, innovation and iteration until it's just right.  The Rivian R1T Bedside Rack System started as a 3D bed scan on multiple R1T beds, in order to understand the manufacturing tolerances on the R1T.  Then they use that data to design parts that will fit your Rivian R1T perfectly.  Finally, the designs are validated using finite element analysis on the computer before moving to real-world testing.  Once the design passes all hurdles for success and longevity, production begins!


      What is Included

      • Hardware kit for mounting to the wall panels
        • 4x Molle nuts (3 threaded holes per nut 1/4-20, 10-24, 12-24)
        • 4x Washers
        • 4x Lock nuts
        • 4x Long 1/4-20 x 1" flanged mount bolt
        • 4x Short 1/4-20 x 9/16" flanged mount bolt 



        Buy with Confidence

        Consider this a no-BS, satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked promise. Here's the thing - you won't need it.  BuiltRight Bedside Rack Systems are proudly made right here in the US using the highest quality domestic materials we can get our hands on. We're proud to support American manufacturing and the folks that make it possible.  Looking for advice on how to attach a specific piece of gear to your racks? Needs some help with an installation? We're are Rivian R1T gurus here, so technical support from somebody who uses the product is just a call or email away.