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    Stabilizing Aluminum Pad Puck Topper for Rivian R1T / R1S OEM Factory Spare Tire Scissor Jack Heavy

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      Thanks to the popularity of our patent-pending Scout Series Team 1EV Billet Aluminum Heavy Duty Lifting Jack Pad Pucks for Rivian R1T / R1S, our engineers have developed a more proper, heavy duty aluminum & precision fitting, stabilizing scissor jack puck.   The factory spare tire jack kit comes with a plastic jack puck, which fits very loosely on the factory scissor jack.  The Team 1EV Topper Puck fits the factory scissor jack with stable confidence, thanks to a much deeper and tighter tolerance aluminum shank, compared with the short and loose factory plastic puck shank.


      Jack Pad Topper for Rivian Scissor Jack


      The Team 1EV Topper Puck also enables using the standard Team 1EV Jack Pad Pucks with the OEM Factory Rivian 'Spare Tire Kit' scissor jack.  This allows stacking pucks for added scissor jack height and reach.  The Team 1EV Topper Puck can be used directly between the Rivian scissor jack and Rivian (no extra Team 1 EV Jack Pad Pucks required), or you can use the adapter with Team 1EV Jack Pad Pucks for added height / reach.   


      Shown below with optional Team 1EV Jack Pad Puck - Click HERE for Jack Pad Puck

      Rivian Scissor Jack with Jack Topper and Team 1EV Jack Pad Puck


      Team 1EV was the first ever to create and commercialize aftermarket jack pucks for the Rivian R1T and R1S.  As one of the first to receive an R1T truck delivery from Rivian, we immediately realized there was no way to properly jack the truck up using the Rivian recommended jack points, short of removing the plastic underbody panels - which we felt was unreasonable.  We designed and machined the first ever jack puck on the spot! We are no rookies to jack pucks, as we've been serving jack pad pucks to the Tesla and Porsche Taycan markets for years already.  We knew this would be a need for Rivian nation, which lead to us commercializing the design, launching the first ever aftermarket jack pucks for the Rivian platform, carefully designed and engineered to be suitable for use by Rivian Scouts, Rivian Service Professionals, Rivian Wheel and Tire Specialists, Rivian Professionals, Rivian Enthusiasts, Rivian Owners, Road Side Emergency Pros, Rivian Offroaders, Rivian Overlanders, Rivian DIY'ers and those customers who simply prefer the best possible tools.   Our original design quickly iterated with added features and benefits all based on our own usage and never ending innovation commitment.    Realizing the jack puck needed a way to be secured to the Rivian for use on 4 post lifts, we created several attachment designs and functional features, including a o-ring nipple, an embedded magnetic design, the ability to stack and nest pucks for added height, and even a few more innovations yet to be launched -- all of which we filed for patent on.   We are proud to be the first to market, the innovation leader, and the ONLY jack pad pucks for Rivian that are MADE IN THE USA!


      "Scout Series" Rivian Scissor Jack Puck Topper

      • Made in the USA 🇺🇸 
      • Precision CNC Machined from Billet Aluminum 
      • Designed and Engineered by Team 1EV Specifically for Rivian R1T / R1S Fitment and Usage
      • Measures 3.125" (Height) and 3" Base Diameter
      • Stackable for extra reach height (nesting bore in the bottom of each puck)
      • Equipped with an O-Ring on the stem, enables holding in place on the Rivian
      • Lifetime warranty 


      EV Sportline also recommends Team 1EV's DIY Home Wheel & Tire Install Tool Kit for Rivians.  The convenient kit including all the hand tools required to safely and properly install Rivian wheel and tire packages.  These premium tools are specified by Team 1EV for use with all Rivian R1T / R1S models, all Rivian wheels and lug nuts and all Team 1EV wheels and lug nuts. Rivian 22m lug nut torque spec: 140 ft-lbs.


      Need a suitable travel jack for your Rivian?  Team 1EV developed a lightweight portable jack solution for Rivian R1T and R1S, perfect for road-side emergency needs.  The bottle jack kit for Rivian R1T / R1S is a great travel companion to our standard floor jack pad puck kits.  Find the Team 1EV Bottle Jack Kit for Rivian 👉🏻 CLICK HERE