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    Morimoto 1Banger HXB LED Pod Light Kit (set of 2)

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    • Description

      Introducing the Morimoto 1Banger LED Pods – the ultimate lighting solution for your vehicle! With a sleek and compact design, these pods are perfect for adding extra illumination where traditional lights won't fit. Whether you're into off-roading, camping, or just need reliable all-weather visibility, the 1Banger has you covered. The HXB Flood Beam pattern provides an abundance of ambient light, casting coverage in every direction. This makes the 1Banger pods the ideal choice for low-speed driving, rock crawling, back-up lights, or even illuminating your campsite. The flood optics might not project far into the distance, but they are undoubtedly the weapon of choice for comfortably illuminating everything in your immediate surroundings. When you're out in the wilderness or navigating tricky terrains, the HXB Flood Beam is your best friend, ensuring safety, visibility, and a memorable outdoor experience. Upgrade your vehicle's lighting game with the Morimoto 1Banger LED Pods and experience unmatched reliability, style, and performance. 

      Team 1EV has exclusively developed the first plug-and-play LED pod ditch light system.  The Team 1EV kit has been developed using Morimoto 1Banger pods, the most modern high performance LED pods on the market.  Best of all, when you choose the optional wireless key fob kit, NO WIRES need to pass into the cab!  So put your drill down and rest assured, our easy DIY install requires no cutting, drilling, or otherwise permanent mods.   Our Team 1EV engineers got busy making a special plug-and-play relay harness with integrated remote control key fob.   Or, if you prefer the old-school Morimoto push-button toggle switch, we offer that kit as well and include a Team 1EV stainless steel toggle switch mounting bracket (this toggle switch option requires running wires into the cab).

      Control Switch Options:

      • Team 1EV Exclusive 'Key-Fob' Remote Relay Harness (optional - not included)
        • Wireless RF Key Fob for easy 1-button on/off control
        • Super easy 2 wire hook-up to 12v battery under hood, no wires in cab! 
      • Morimoto Push-Button Toggle Switch Relay Harness (included)
          • Traditional "Switch" control 
          • Requires connecting to 12v battery under hood
          • Requires running wires into cab for 'push-button' toggle switch
          • Requires mounting Morimoto switch inside cab
            • Includes Team 1EV Stainless Steel 3/4" switch mounting bracket

            • 2x (One Set) Morimoto 1Banger HXB LED Pods
            • 2x (One Set) Morimoto Base Mount Brackets
              • Powder Coated Stainless Steel
            • Complete Stainless Bolt and Hardware Kit
            • Complete relay harness and Morimoto switch
            • Team 1EV stainless steel switch mount