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    Rivian Vehicles Can Now Use Tesla Superchargers!

    Rivian has officially gained access to Tesla Superchargers and announced a free adapter will be shipped to owners in April!

    The integration of the Tesla Supercharger Network into the Rivian App is complete. Superchargers are marked as 'open to non-Tesla EVs' through the Rivian App.

    In a press release, Rivian wrote:

    Because we handle our charging hardware and software in-house, we can seamlessly integrate most fast chargers — including the Supercharger network — into our charging ecosystem. Our unified digital platforms make it easy to transition between our mobile app and in-vehicle infotainment. This allows Rivian owners to enjoy an end-to-end experience where they can do their trip planning, filter chargers, set route preferences, navigate, and add stops without missing a beat.