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    How to Install Team 1EV's Sun Shade on Rivian R1T and R1S

    Rivian R1T / R1S Removable Panoramic Roof Sun Shade and Blackout Reflector by Team 1EV

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    It is important to install all 16 'clips' with the Sun Shade.  Each of the four Sun Shade sides will use four clips.   To prevent the cover from falling during driving be sure to properly use all 16 clips!


    First, open and unfold the shade inside the vehicle.  Arrange the sun shade so the shorter curved edge is facing forward - this edge will line-up with the windshield.   If using the Blackout Reflector, install it now on the top side of the sun shade.  


    If you will drive with the windows open a lot, we recommend using the suction cup and magnets.  If desired, install two suction cups on the glass roof as shown.  Positioned in the middle, and spread equally between front and rear.   


    Sun Shade Suction Cup


    Next, install four clips onto the sun shade on the rear edge.  The clips will 'roll' onto the sun shade edge.  The flat side of the clips should be facing up.   With a helper, hold the Sun Shade up to the glass roof, and slide the rear clips into place, between the glass roof and the headliner.   While holding the Sun Shade up, work down the sides of the Sun Shade adding 4 clips per side.  Once clips are installed, slide the clips into position, between the glass and headliner.   Repeat for the front edge of the sun shade.  


    Rivian R1T Sun Shade Clips


    With the Sun Shade in place, adjust the two clips at each corner so the clips are slid tight toward the corners.  The corner clips should be within 3" of the corner.   Center up the inner two clips of each side, so they are equally spread on the edge of the Sun Shade, between ends.   


    Attach the metal pucks so they are aligned with the suction cup magnets.  They will hold the sun shade and prevent it from sagging or flapping in the wind.